We know how important it is for you as a dog parent to bond with your beloved dog. To have something that you could take with you anywhere and stay connected with him or her wherever you are. T-shirts are perfect for this.

From dozens of cute designs that we offer, you can choose the ones that will suit your style and personality. We offer beautiful and unique custom T-shirts with your doggo made especially for you.

Our team also cares about comfort and fit of the tees. TillyTee T-shirts are natural, ultra-soft, breathable, and great fit to any body type. We are deeply obsessed about bringing you T-shirts that bring maximum joy.

On the left, this is a Golden Retriever Georgia.

Below, this is a Golden Retriever Georgia.

TillyTee T-shirts will help you stand out from the crowd and strengthen your bond with your dear dog. Wear it while walking him or her and make people turn their heads making you compliments, or wear it while you are away, keeping your doggo always close to your heart.

On the right, this is how TillyTee custom T-shirt with Georgia turned out.

And this is how TillyTee custom T-shirt with Georgia turned out.

A TillyTee T-shirt can also be an awesome gift for any dog lover. Make it extra special by adding a personalization such as a doggo name or nickname.

Make a dog parent happy on an important occasion!

Cute and unique T-shirts that let you bond with your dog and stand out from the crowd. From design process to fit and materials, we are devoted to producing T-shirts that bring you maximum joy.